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Sep 28, 2016

News Articles

This article from IPM in the South explores a recently published paper on how imported fire ants, with all their bad qualities, may actually be helping to control ticks.

Check out these tips on nitrogen management from AgFax.

The FAA has some new rules on UAV/drone use in agriculture.

Sep 20, 2016

How To Get Tested for Zika

Check out this new Zika info from the CityBugs blog:


If you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant (or you know someone who is) and concerned about contracting Zika due to travel, its got an in-depth explanation of testing procedures that can be done.

There are many pregnant women getting tested in the Florida Miami/Dade County area, where they are having local transmission, and more than 80 are positive for Zika (from local or travel-related cases). 

Remember that Zika symptoms are typically mild, but in a very low number of people have developed into something more serious. The real concern, and why we must be vigilant in protecting ourselves, is microcephaly and other birth defects (including miscarriage) in unborn babies. As a population we need to prevent Zika from reaching us so we can stop its spread to pregnant women and other vulnerable people. 

Sep 8, 2016

Newsletter 9-8

The most recent Blacklands IPM Newsletter can be downloaded here: http://hill.agrilife.org/files/2011/07/Newsletter-9-8.pdf