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Jun 27, 2016

Head Pests of Sorghum

Fall armyworms and corn earworms (collectively called headworms) are popping up in the sorghum fields and feeding on the grain as it is filling. Stink bugs are rising in numbers as well. Remember that to keep beneficials happy and eating the sugarcane aphid, it is better to spray a narrow-spectrum insecticide (such as Prevathon) for headworms. 

Unfortunately, if you want to treat stink bug or midge, options are limited to pyrethroids for the best results. Monitor the fields carefully after a pyrethroid spray for a surge of secondary pests, including SCA.

SCA counts have been at a low average this past two weeks, but we expect to see them take off very soon. Conditions are very favorable for their developement, and if a spray knocks beneficials completely out of the picture they could boom. 

Syrphid Fly larva in an SCA colony

Paper wasp chowing down on a headworm

Ladybug larvae feeding on SCA

Spined soldier bug (not to be confused with the pest species, the brown marmorated stink bug) feeding on a ladybug larvae. We don't like to see beneficials preying on one another but it does happen.

Corn earworm feeding on a developing head

Jun 15, 2016

SCA Bulletin

Click here to view the latest Blacklands IPM Newsletter, which is a bulletin about the sugarcane aphid. Topics covered include the current local status of populations, links to articles about tolerant varieties, control recommendations, and information about beneficial insects that help to control SCA in the field.