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Weather Forecast

May 20, 2016

Yellowing Corn Plants

A lot of the corn in Hill County is looking a bit under the weather (pun intended). 
Yellowed corn plants in the Blacklands this year are most likely a result of the following issues:
1. Oxygen-starved roots from overly wet soils.
2. Nitrogen deficiency caused by cool, wet soils that hinder the corn plant from taking up N.
3. Nitrogen deficiency caused by the rain leaching N from the soil or denitrification (N evaporating from water-logged fields).
In the first two cases, we can expect the corn to fare much better when it dries out, and it may simply be a matter of waiting. However, we might be waiting a while with more rain on the way next week.
In the third case, fields may need more N input. Take some soil samples to assess the nitrogen levels in your fields if needed.

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